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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Gourmet Burger Toronto – Find Out What Makes a True Gourmet Burger

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The Foundation of a Gourmet Burger
Ever since the first hamburger was served, chefs and backyard cooks in Toronto have tried thousands of different recipes in an attempt to develop the finest gourmet burgers. What makes a gourmet burger the "best” is completely subjective, but most people will agree on the basic blueprints of what takes a burger from being merely ordinary to being outstanding.
Angus beef has quickly found its way into the upper echelon of beef products. The name is now synonymous with premium quality and the very best in taste. Most gourmet burgers will be made from 100% certified Angus ground beef that has been cooked to perfection. This means that the beef patty should be over flame just long enough to be thoroughly cooked without compromising the natural juices of the meat. This attention to detail ensures that the burger is hot and juicy with the irresistible flavour of the Angus beef being properly maintained.
Some of the best burger places in Toronto have developed new types of gourmet burgers that are built around chicken breasts instead of beef. These unique gourmet burgers may use either a grilled or lightly-breaded chicken breast as the foundation of the burger. The chicken breast may also be dipped in a "signature” sauce such as a wing sauce to further enhance the flavours.
The Personality of the Burger
The fixings chosen for the burger are what give each burger a unique identity. Traditional gourmet burger fixings will include such things as:
  • Fresh lettuce
  • Onions (such as sweet and red)
  • Ripe tomatoes
  • Dill pickles
These toppings are relatively common because they are traditional fan favourites. Other premium gourmet toppings may be chosen to take your taste buds on an incredible journey from tradition. Some of these premium toppings include:
  • Smoked bacon
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese
Exotic toppings will take your gourmet burger experience to even greater heights with such things as Garlic-Dill Sauce, guacamole, jalapenos and caramelized onions.
When choosing a gourmet burger, it is essential to ensure that the burger is made using a thick and fresh gourmet bun. A good gourmet burger will tend to get a little messy and the bun has the vital job of holding everything together in the right order.
The Natural Gourmet Burger Complement
No gourmet burger would be complete without a side of golden or sweet potato fries with dipping sauce. A garden or Caesar salad is also a nice touch for those people who want to save more room for the delicious burger. A serving of coleslaw will also help to top off a tasty and filling meal.
When looking for the best gourmet burgers in Toronto it may be surprising to know that restaurants that have built a reputation for wings or ribs are also home to some of the best gourmet burgers in the city. These types of restaurants have the added benefits of providing a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service as well. Some of these establishments also have daily drink and food specials to keep a little extra money in your pocket. Treat yourself and experience the best gourmet burgers that Toronto has to offer today.
*Some restrictions apply, see restaurants for details.
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